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Oh whats this?
  • what I was waiting for: cool game
  • what I saw: legends crying


y’all know neymar isn’t even close to being one of my favorite players & that i’ve dished out my fair share of criticism toward him

but those of you taking pleasure in neymar’s injury are fucking foul. The significance of Neymar to Brazil, the Brazil squad, and the World Cup itself aside, athletes’ injuries are NEVER something to joke or be happy about

look at your gotdamn life & your choices


David Luiz comforting James Rodriguez after the game.


what kind of twisted fuck would be happy about an injured player, no matter what team they play for

David Luiz of Brazil scores his team’s second goal on a free kick past David Ospina of Colombia during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Quarter Final match between Brazil and Colombia at Castelao on July 4, 2014 in Fortaleza, Brazil.

lawns of world cup: garden of wishes fulfilled and broken dreams


you’re gonna miss me when i’m gone


[…] “In Brazil, if you’re born a man, you dream about playing football. And I dreamed a lot: about playing for a big club, about playing for Brazil, or in a World Cup … I’ve been a lucky guy”


i fuckin hate the type of person who enters a room when a show is on and starts talking. what the fuck is wrong with you. who the fuck raised you. are you an animal. get out of my house